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Textile Product Manufacturers and Exporters - India

We, at KARTHIK ENTERPRISES, are a family-owned textile company based in Tamil Nadu, India. With over  years of heritage, Karthik Enterprises been passed down the family for 3 generations.

About us

Karthik Enterprises is one stop solution for all of your textile requirements. We have open end spinning and ring spinning having a production capacity of 20 tons of yarn per day. we produce polyester cotton yarn for domestic market and cotton yarn for domestic and international markets.Our count ranges from 2's to 30's in OE yarn and 10's to 100's in ring yarn (Includes Carded & Combed count). We manufacture hosiery yarn and weaving yarn.

Our fabric division consist of two sizing machines capacity to size 100 tons of yarn per month. Looms division includes 60 power looms,100 rutc and sulzer looms & 20 airjet looms. We also engage looms on job work basis to meet our additional requirements. At present we produce 1.2 million meters of cloth every month. We are mainly producing Grey sheetings, Drop cloth, Shop towels, Terry towels, Hajj Towels, Bath blankets, Spray socks and Thermal blankets which are being exported. We serve the indigenous customers with grey fabric to match their quality.

We have the technology working with us in converting the fiber to garments. Our export business started in 1995 and we serve to our clients located in USA, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and Dubai. We can provide you with the best service.

Exported products to USA, Canada, Australia, UAE, Malaysia, SriLanka & China.
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