What is Export House Certificate?

Government of India issues Export house certification / star rated Export house Status to Indian exporters, who have excelled in international trade and made significant contribution to country’s foreign exchange earnings. As an exporter we have proved our capacity and reputation in bring more foreign exchange. As an exporter involved in the export of goods to obtain an export house certificate, we have to reaching certain minimum export performance in the current and previous two financial years. Export performance is calculated on the basis of FOB (Free on Board) value of export earnings in foreign exchange.

Why is This Certification Important for a Buyer?

After globalization, the number of players in the international market has become many. From each requirement from a buyer is addressed by many suppliers. Each quote is different from each supplier with tiny rate difference. This certification will help the buyer to shortlist companies that are regularly performing with quality, consistency and best service.

Today business depends on Quality, Consistency & prompt Delivery. We are proud to say that we have excelled in all the three areas and gained more goodwill of many buyers across the world.

Export House Certification from Government of India